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Designing for the people behind the clicks.

See how I solve real problems.

👋 Hi! I am Pramiti Khan, a seasoned designer with 15 years of digital product building experience, most recently been working as a Senior Product Designer at Walmart Tech. In this long design career, I worked for/with  companies like Yahoo, Verizon, Google, and State Farm; founded my own start-up, and helped build three. Besides, I worked in over a hundred projects as a freelance consultant for organizations big and small to bring their product visions to life.

Recent works

We saw an opportunity to increase engagement in Yahoo’s articles and increase commerce revenue by introducing shoppable media and interactive features. Learn how we exceeded DAU goals by 300% and achieved YoY revenue increase of 150%. This project has been a huge success story in contributing to company’s commerce strategy.

Yahoo’s new app Yahoo Play was having low user activation. Learn how I helped increase sign-up attempts by 16% by rethinking the onboarding.

A redesign increased Yahoo’s Native Video Ad revenue by 6%. Learn how this was accomplished.

Since shipping my first product in 2009, I have produced many design works in my 15+ years of career. Have a visual journey of my notable works from 2009 to 2017.


This YouTube app redesign case study was viewed over 94k times when published on Medium. The exercise was done as a part of an interview process which landed me a job! See how much of what I proposed in 2018 is reality today in 2024.

Google Scape is an augmented reality (AR) app concept built in collaboration with Google during my Graduate program. The challenge was to build a community through art to mitigate loneliness. What we built was pretty interesting!

Once, I wanted to be an architect…

I went to Architecture school for College before going to Grad school to study Interactive Design. I am so glad that I went to Architecture school! It not only gave me the aesthetic sense of design, but also it taught me so much about design thinking and human-centered problem-solving that I can still relate to the field of UX and product design. In the bigger picture, architecture is, in fact, very much about user experience.