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Rent or lend anything!



Project management
UX lead
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How might an app help people afford expensive tools that they need only occasionally?

Sprent is an app for renting and lending items. If there’s an item one wants to use for a few days without buying in full, or has something one doesn’t need often but wants to make money off of it, Sprent allows these two kinds of people to connect. This project went about designing the first half of the app, the rental process. The project started with collecting user stories to find out a need people want a solution for. After interviewing wide range of people, the team decided its topic as described above and designed the app. Beside creating a mobile prototype, the team also produced a video prototype, which was one of the major deliverable of the project, to demonstrate the user experience. It was a 9-week long project executed by a team of 4 as a part of Visual Interface & Information Design course at SCAD.

Process overview

Gathering Stories

We started with gathering stories from all around us. We paid attention to small details to the activities we do everyday. We observed people. We conducted interviews and asked questions about recent experiences with a product or a service. These stories showed us real user problems that needed to be solved. Eventually we came up with a problem that we decided to dig deeper to find a solution. We found real people that often need a tool or equipment for a short period of time, they would go about asking their friends and may be able to borrow the tool if they are lucky enough to find a peer that is willing to lend it. With more research, we realized many tools can be expensive and not everyone will be willing to take that risk to lend them for free. The same reason of stops from other people to buy the tool that they might need only for one project. Now this a problem we wanted to solve.

need finding

Based on our initial research, in this phase we developed personas and scenarios to understand users’ goal and specific requirements. 



Utilizing the concept of sharing economy, the team proposed a mobile app to facilitate rental service. Using the app, which we named Sprent, users in need of a tool can reach to another users that are wiling to loan that tool for a fee. 

Thus if there’s an item one wants to use for a few days without buying in full, or have something one doesn’t need often but want to make money off of it, Sprent allows these two kinds of people to connect.


Try the clickable InVision prototype →


To understand the user journey, we developed a storyline. That helped us understand the functional requirements for the proposed solution. Based on the storyline, we developed the storyboard that later used as a guide for the video prototype.


Some of the wireframes of the app

High fidelity UI

Product Vision Video

The main objective of the course was to learn to make a product vision video. After the necessary research and design of the interactive prototype, the team spent the majority of the term shooting, editing, and perfecting the vision video.

Watch the video again